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Recruitment of workers from Nepal, recruitment from India, recruitment from Bangladesh
Recruitment from Egypt, recruitment from Pakistan, recruitment from Lebanon, recruitment from Philippines

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Al-Bayan International Recruitment is one of the most prominent recruitment offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We use a distinguished work team specialized in recruitment that aspires to win the trust of customers by providing the finest and most efficient recruitment services. We provide technical advice through our expertise in the field to achieve the aspirations of customers

استقدام من نيبال

استقدام عماله من نيبال

استقدام من نيبال

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We are working to provide the required employment for all companies, institutions, factories and shops in all fields, with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency, and trying to reach the best existing employment at the highest professional level.
Recruitment from Nepal, recruitment from India, recruitment from Bangladesh, recruitment from Egypt, recruitment from Pakistan , recruitment from Lebanon , recruitment from Philippines

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The work team is characterized by a sophisticated style of management, as the main goal of the team is to guide the customer and help him to make the appropriate decision and in the appropriate manner with reasonable prices for customers.

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We believe in managing the company according to an approach that focuses on the quality of services provided to our clients, in attracting highly qualified human beings, and in conducting interviews between the employer and the candidates.

Speed up the work

We seek to ensure the efficiency of professional labor with the speed of recruitment, which ranges from 30 days to 45 days as a maximum, as the success of our customers is our success

The credibility of dealing

Through our experience in building strategic relationships and partnerships, Al Bayan International guarantees employment for a period of 90 days from the date of arrival

استقدام من نيبال

استقدام نيبال

استقدام عماله من نيبال

Candidates are approved after sending and approving the employer’s resume

Recruitment takes place in a short period of time and payment is made after the completion of the distinction, and there is no advance payment

Recruitment is electronic. Attendance and services are not required at the level of the Kingdom

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Fast recruitment service and successful selection of workers

Nayef Al-Sultan

Recruitment within the specified period

Mohammed Fahad

Classy handling and timely completion

Noor Al-Rashed

The workers were secured with the required specifications. Thank you for your cooperation

Engineer Ahmed

An appropriate price for the services provided gives you wellness

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